Run Leaders

We have many run leaders who will plan and lead our weekly sessions.  Each run leader will have a different route, a different capability and a different strategy to get the best out of your running.

Click here for our Run Leaders (Details to follow)


Advice for all members in case of emergency on your run

  • If assistance is needed from any of the emergency services, call 999 as soon as you can safely do so
  • If a runner is hurt or has been taken ill, check to see if they are carrying an ICE tag with medical information and next of kin contact details
  • The Run Leader will ttilise the rest of the group to either assist with the situation or find help if needed
  • If the group is large and there are more people than is ideal around the incident, ask if someone is happy to lead the group back to the sports centre and the Run Leader will stay with the injured member

Running When it is Dark

  • Head torches and hi-visibility clothing is essential when we are running at dusk and in the dark.  Training kit can be found here. 

  • If members planning to run with your group appear to not have suitable hi-viz or a torch, they either need to obtain some (perhaps another runner has spares) or should be discouraged from joining the run that night

  • Run Leaders will take care where possible to plan routes that are suitably lit

  • If running on paths where the lighting is not ideal, make use of your torches to help spot and call out hazards to the group


Where possible the club is trying to place tail runners with the different pace groups. As tail runner, your role is to:

  • Remain at the back of the group with the last runner, this ensures that nobody is left behind

  • If the main group is pulling away from you, call forward to the run leader and ask if they can loop back

  • Make sure you call forward to the run leader if you encounter any difficulty they need to be made aware of

  • Tail runners should also make sure they also have suitable hi-viz and lights when running in conditions that require them

  • As with run leading, you should only tail run at a pace that is very comfortable for you